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A Sew for Oklahoma

We are planning our next "Monster Sew" and we are gonna need your help!


On June 29 & 30 we are planning to sew up a bunch-o-monsters for the Untied Way of Oklahoma City and by "a bunch-o-monsters" we mean 200-300... yup that's a lot of monsters but with your help we can do it. 

What can you do to help, you ask?

Well the first thing you can do is join us Saturday June 29th and/or Sunday June 30th at the Firefly Summer Market at the 29th Street Mall in Boulder. We will need stuffers, pinners, eye put-er on-ers and sewers of course. We will have a job for everyone!

It is definitely not required but if you would like to RSVP so we know you are coming that would help us out tremendously.

Whats that you say? You are not going to be in town/you don't live anywhere near Boulder but would like to help.

SUPPLIES!! We need supplies, stuffing fabric, know all of the things it takes to make a monster. Typically there is a monster sold before we send off a monster but in this case we are sending off 200-300 monsters without selling that many. So any help with supplies will be greatly appreciated. Click here to see a list of all the supplies we are going to need and a link to help out.

OF COURSE, you can always help out by buying a monster and providing a monster friend that will go to Oklahoma, you know, the more traditional A Monster to Love thing to do.

We will be posting other ways you can help out soon so make sure to come back soon. 


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Monster Sew #3

Holy Mermaids on Bicycles!! Our last Monster Sew for the year is coming up on December 3rd!

The monster crew and our friends at Mama Said Sew are partnering with New Belgium and Starbucks for our last monsters sew of the year. This Monster Sew will support Poudre Valley Hospital right here in good ole Fort Collins. Hopefully no one will have to visit the ER or get checked in at the hospital BUT if you do and you are between the ages of 3-10 you just might get a really awesome monster to help cheer you up!

We cannot wait! Should be an awesome day, with 100 monsters as our goal we will have a lot to do

The Bus

This past gloomy, rainy, Saturday we began working on the outside of the van. The inside is starting to look pretty good so we decided to get started on the outside. It is going to take a few weeks and we will be documenting the process as we go. So make sure to come back and check out the progress.

Here are a few "before" pics to get us started.

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Monster Pics

Finally gettin' a chance to upload the photos from the first day of our Monster sew...yeah I know it has been awhile. It has been a little crazy over here at Monster HQ! Crazy is good though :)

Anyway a big huge monstery thanks to Danielle DeFiore from for the photos, we really appreciate you coming out!

Click here to for all the photos.

Just a few of our helpers from our Mama Said Sew sew day


What A Smile!

The monsters from our Monster sew are out joining some new families and having a great time, just ask Paige! Paige's monster was sewn by our monster friend Jenifer and her family during our monster sew to benefit the Red Cross and those children affected by the fires in Colorado. THANKS JENIFER!

Paige and her new monster friend

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