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Big Blabber Mouth Bobby

Benjamin has been hard at work on some new monster designs and we are happy to introduce the first of these to you here today...BIG BLABBER MOUTH BOBBY! He is one awesome dude but he does talk a lot, thus the Big Blabber Mouth part of his name.  So if you love to have someone talking at you all day this is the monster for you. Seriously don't say we did not warn you. :)

Big Blabber Mouth Bobby come in three awesome colors, Green, Purple and Orangey Brownish

Big Blabber Mouth Bobby come in three awesome colors, Green, Purple and Orangey Brownish

Posted on July 17, 2013 and filed under HQ News, Monsters, New Products.


We here at monster HQ are really excited to present our newest monster...BUB!

He is part of what we call our "DUO" series. A series of limited edition monsters designed by some crazy fun artists and put together right here by the crazy good lookin' folks at Monster HQ! :)

Bub, was designed by our friend 84Pages (aka Page Sanderson). There will be 20 monsters made each will be signed and numbered by Page.

You can currently pre-order your Bub by clicking here. You can pick up your pre-ordered  Bub at the opening for Page's upcoming show at Luscious Nectar in Fort Collins, June 7th, from 6-9pm. If you cannot make it to the opening not to worry we will start shipping orders the week of June 10th. If you have any questions about pre-orders, shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Posted on May 31, 2013 and filed under Monsters, New Products, DUO.

Val and Tony

Val and Tony are our newest limited edition monsters made for Valentines day 2013. Besides Halloween Valentines is the monsters favorite holiday...FYI.

You will be able to buy your very own Val and Tony until February 14th and when you do we will be donating their little friends to the awesome kids served by Realities for Children in Colorado. Make sure to check out their website to learn more about them, they are a group group of folks!

We donated monsters to Realities last year, they were actually our third monster drop and all of our monsters from our first monster sew went to them as well. Here is what Jennifer Varner has to say about Monsters:

"Many of our children have been ripped from their home with no notice, no explanation and no comfort. When we first saw the Monsters, we knew they were the perfect gift for our children, not only do they give the child something to hold on to during a time of uncertainty, but the Monsters light the imagination inside of them, empowering them, if only for a moment, to feel like a child again."

So this Valentines Day give your friends and family an AWESOME monster and support an incredible organization and some great kids ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! AMAZING!

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