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The Stripes Paper Monster

We have a new series of monsters "The Stripes" so for all you paper monster likers we have made a stripes paper version. So we will not keep you with a lengthy blog post we will just show you a photo and give you this AWESOME LINK to download the PDF file. Start cuttin', glueing and sharing! Make sure you make two and share it with all your friends you love and maybe make a new one by giving one to someone you don't know!!

Ben, Sam and Ray

Posted on April 5, 2013 and filed under paper monsters.

Mr. Big Mouth Orange Head!

A couple weeks ago when Mr. Big Mouth Orange Head went to live in his new home we were a little sad ;(

BUT the great thing about having your own monster lab is that you can make another Big Mouth Orange Head to keep you company! So we did that and because he is such great company we decided we would make him available to ALL of you. 

Just go over to our facebook page and give us a like and you to can have your very own Mr. Big Mouth Orange Head to keep you company.

Not only will you be able to download Mr. Big Mouth Orange Head but you will be able to download all of his crazy friends, Miss Pinky Yellow Eye, SHABAAM and YAAARGH! Download them all and it will be quite the party at your place!


Ray, Ben and Sam 

Posted on March 15, 2012 and filed under Monsters, paper monsters.