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Mark Your Calendar!

If you could see us here at Monster HQ, you would see us doing the Monster Crazy Awesome Happy dance! We are happy to announce we have been included in the Firefly Gypsy Farm Market on September 8th and 9th. 

Benjamin is already hard at work on some new monsters for the Market so make sure to mark your calendars and come on out and visit us and all the other GREAT vendors that will be there.

For all the details visit the Firefly Gypsy Farm Market page.

We will be posting more details and photos and drawings of new monsters as the weekend gets closer. Stay tuned!

THANKS FIREFLIES, Y'all are the best!
Ben, Sam and Ray 

Posted on July 29, 2012 and filed under HQ News, Monsters, markets.


While we were at the Firefly Handmade Spring show in Boulder a couple weeks ago several people asked where they could buy monsters in Boulder. "uh, nowhere, sorry" was the answer. 


All y'all monster lovers in Boulder can once again be happy. You can now hop on your bike, pedal on over to Fabricate, 2023 17th Street, Boulder, CO 80302, and pick up a monster.

Thanks to Corey and Linda for taking in some monsters and helping us find a home for them.


Posted on May 7, 2012 and filed under Monsters, Retail.

Fabricate Boulder

This weekend the monster crew visited Boulder and we found a great new shop! Fabricate, they have a great shop and we just wanted to share their website and encourage all of y'all crafty monster likers in Boulder to get on over there and check them out.

I am excited because I was able to pick up a Sublime Stitching embroidery kit. Now I just need a couple hours added to the day to get some extra stitching time in. :)

Fabricate Boulder || 2023 17th Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Posted on April 1, 2012 and filed under Crafts, markets.