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A little Re-Cap

AHHH...we cannot believe it is already March?? Where did February go? It seems to have ended a couple days early.

As short as it was it has been a great month here at Monster HQ. We opened on new online shop, learned to make tutus (who knew monsters liked tutus?) and MOST IMPORTANT we were able to spread a little bit-o-awesome to Realities for Children and to our friend Caroline who was in the hospital.

We also started planning our big Monster Makers event that will be in May, it is going to be great but we will post more about that very soon, so stay tuned and know that we could not do any of this without y'all awesome monster likers!

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT and here is to an incredible March!
Ben, Sam and Ray

OH YEAH! We also created a big huge 10lbs blob called booger and that got a little out of hand!

Caroline with her new monster friend!

Val and Tony

Val and Tony are our newest limited edition monsters made for Valentines day 2013. Besides Halloween Valentines is the monsters favorite holiday...FYI.

You will be able to buy your very own Val and Tony until February 14th and when you do we will be donating their little friends to the awesome kids served by Realities for Children in Colorado. Make sure to check out their website to learn more about them, they are a group group of folks!

We donated monsters to Realities last year, they were actually our third monster drop and all of our monsters from our first monster sew went to them as well. Here is what Jennifer Varner has to say about Monsters:

"Many of our children have been ripped from their home with no notice, no explanation and no comfort. When we first saw the Monsters, we knew they were the perfect gift for our children, not only do they give the child something to hold on to during a time of uncertainty, but the Monsters light the imagination inside of them, empowering them, if only for a moment, to feel like a child again."

So this Valentines Day give your friends and family an AWESOME monster and support an incredible organization and some great kids ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! AMAZING!

Visit the Etsy shop now!

The Bus

This past gloomy, rainy, Saturday we began working on the outside of the van. The inside is starting to look pretty good so we decided to get started on the outside. It is going to take a few weeks and we will be documenting the process as we go. So make sure to come back and check out the progress.

Here are a few "before" pics to get us started.

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Dandelion Fine Arts and Gifts

What do Frozen Dead Guy Days and Monsters have in common?

Well thanks to Dandelion Fine Arts and Gifts the answer to that question is they are both in Nederland, Colorado! So next time you are in Nederland,  maybe next March while attending Frozen Dead Guy Days, head on over and pay Kelly and the Dandelion Crew a visit and buy a monster and some other great stuff.


Dandelion Fine Art & Gifts
4 East 1st Street
Nederland, CO 80466