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The Bus

This past gloomy, rainy, Saturday we began working on the outside of the van. The inside is starting to look pretty good so we decided to get started on the outside. It is going to take a few weeks and we will be documenting the process as we go. So make sure to come back and check out the progress.

Here are a few "before" pics to get us started.

Posted on October 15, 2012 and filed under OSV, Monster Sew.

OSV T-Shirts!

On Sunday September 23 the boys are going to the Ink Lounge, in Denver, to learn to print their own t-shirts. They will be printing a VERY limited number of shirts (VERY limited=20) and you have the chance to get in on the very limited deal! For $30 you can buy a T-Shirt and also receive an ORIGINAL, YES THAT IS A ONE OF A KIND, Monster drawing from our Chief Monster Designer, Benjamin.

The t-shirt design is to celebrate the newest addition to our Monster Crew, our Onsite Sewing Vehicle aka OSV.

These shirts will be printed on white Ts the design maybe printed in black or maybe some other color, that is kind of the fun part to all this it is limited and kind of a surprise and who doesn't like a surprise? So checkout the design below and click here to order!


If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email.

Posted on September 19, 2012 and filed under HQ News, T-Shirt.