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Monster Pics

Finally gettin' a chance to upload the photos from the first day of our Monster sew...yeah I know it has been awhile. It has been a little crazy over here at Monster HQ! Crazy is good though :)

Anyway a big huge monstery thanks to Danielle DeFiore from for the photos, we really appreciate you coming out!

Click here to for all the photos.

Just a few of our helpers from our Mama Said Sew sew day


What A Smile!

The monsters from our Monster sew are out joining some new families and having a great time, just ask Paige! Paige's monster was sewn by our monster friend Jenifer and her family during our monster sew to benefit the Red Cross and those children affected by the fires in Colorado. THANKS JENIFER!

Paige and her new monster friend

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Well we did it! We have successfully completed the biggest monster sew in the history of the world...heck since, as far as we know, are the only ones that do monster sews we will call it the largest monster sew in the history of the freakin' universe!

{DeFiore Photography} - THANKS Danielle for the great photo

We had over 100 people turn out to sew with us over the weekend. We really appreciate it, we could not have done it without you! When I asked Sam what his favorite part was over the weekend it was y'all. He said he met some really fun people "especially the guy that helped me with eyes in Denver" (aka Matte). I would second that you ALL were great! We hope to see you again at markets and future monster sews!

Now the results, if you are friends with us on FB you probably already know we ended up with 296 monsters! That is 96 over our goal, WOOO HOOOO! We have spent this past week, up nights, going through all of the monsters, tagging them and doing a final quality check. Some of them had to be set aside and are waiting to be be restitched before heading into action. That said we were able to deliver 225 today! That is still over our goal, but have no fear we will be delivering the rest next week. We also expect our monster friends from Vermont any day now and they will be delivered with the rest of our monsters next week.

I still cannot believe everything that went into this and I really have to thank some special folks who went way above and beyond working before the sew and continuing after the sew:

Kerstin, without her we would have had a lot of monsters with no teeth, THANKS KERSTIN!

Tracey, for helping us plan and spread the word and for also helping us come up with the "Monster Sew" idea back in April when we did our first monster sew for Realties for Children.

Space without space and for these folks helping us spread the word we would not have been able to do this and for that we thank,

Angela and the Mama Said Sew crew for letting us take up space in their shop on Saturday, if you are in Fort Collins make sure to stop by and buy a few things!

Jaime, Amber, Dan and Betsy at Fancy Tiger Thanks for moving things around and letting us use the big classroom for all you crafty artsy folks traveling to Denver and yous that live in Denver this is the place to be so get on down there and show 'em some support! Big anniversary events going on this weekend :)

And to our favorite Vermonster (Hopefully Ben and Jerry's won't come after us for that?? We won't use it again...promise) JOELLE and A Quilter's Garden. Thanks for organizing our first official Monster Sew outside of Colorado. Next time we are out the Vermont way we will be stopping by for a visit!

And last but definitley not least Adam at the Red Cross, for EVERYTHING that he and his crew at the Red Cross are doing for those that were affected by the fires in Colorado. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

So now stay tuned, we have already started talking about our next monster sew. As soon as we have details we will let you know.

We could not have better fans, thanks for the support. We would be crazy sad without you!


The Biggest Monster Sew EVER!


A Monster to Love is partnering with the mental health workers of the Red Cross who are working with the children who have been evacuated because of the fires in Colorado. If you have been watching the news lately you know that we are going to need a TON of monsters!

A ton of monsters for those who are not sure is 200-300.

So we are organizing the biggest monster sew in the history of the world! We are working to plan our Emergency Monster Sew for the weekend of July 7th and 8th. We are going to need a lot of help, we are going to need sewers, stuffers, eye ball putter oners, any special or not so sprecial talent you might have we want all of you!

We hope to have several sewing stations and as soon as we have all of the details we will be posting it right here. 

Until then PLEASE feel free to contact us with ideas on how you might be able to help us out. We can do this but we need YOUR help!

High Park Fire, Fort Collins, Colorado

For all the lastest on all of the fires in Colorado visit the 9News website.