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New Monsters!

We have some new SWEET monsters over in the etsy shop! Some small monsters, big monsters, one eye, two eyes, you name it we got it...well maybe not everything you can name, but they are awesome so get your monster lovin' self over there before they are all gone!

Ben, Sam and Ray 

Greg the Plush Monster

Posted on August 2, 2012 and filed under Etsy, Monsters.

Happy Monster Drop #3!

The photos were going great until that big mouth guy showed up and kept getting in the way

Today the boys and I completed Monster Drop #3, we sent 10 monsters over to Realities for Children here in Fort Collins. This drop makes 25 monsters delivered since we started delivering monsters in December. Here are just a couple photos, take a look, enjoy and as always THANK YOU to everyone who bought monsters and made this possible we could not do it with out you, seriously!

The Boys, A bunch of Monsters and Jennifer from Realities for Children