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Monster Birds?

Roberto in the Neighbors Pink Flowery TreeA Monster to Love was asked if we would like to participate in the "Put a Bird On It!" Birds! Invitational Show, to Benefit the Japan Birds Project. Well of course we always like to help out however we had never heard of such a thing as a BIRD Monster. I discussed it with Benjamin our CMD (Chief Monster Designer) and as far as hew knew there was no such thing.

BUMMER! We were pretty sad that we would have to pass on the show. But I was chatting it up with Martin, one of the monsters hanging out at HQ waiting to go to a good home, today and he told me that in fact there was such a thing, Monsterous Birdiousouses. They are pretty rare but they love to hang out in dying/dead Silver Maple trees or in Neighbors yards if they have a pink flowery tree.

WHAAAAAT! We have a dying/dead Silver Maple tree in OUR yard and our neighbors have a pinky flowery tree. What are the chances? So I went outside and sure enough...there they were three rare monster birds. I was able to grab two of them quickly one was too busy talking to notice me coming and the other only had one wing so he is not such a great flyer. The third escaped but flew directly to the pink flowery tree in the neighbors yard and there I was able to capture him! SAWEET!

So if you are looking for a few monster birds, whose names are Roberto, Jaun and Maria, to add to your collection make sure to head down to NEXT Gallery in Denver and pick yourself up one!

OH and if you were wondering, even though we picked these guys up in the tree in our front yard they did have enough time at HQ to meet up with a couple of friends here that agreed to be donated in place of a twin. I mean really what are the chances we go outside and find three more Monster Birds? Martin says it is pretty slim that we will ever SEE a monster bird again.

A Flock of rare Monster Birds, Monsterous Birdiousouses

Posted on April 25, 2012 and filed under HQ News, Monsters.