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A Love Story

This is a love story of sorts...a short monster love story.

There once was a monster named Mr. Grumpy. This guy was baaaaad news, he was grumpy and pretty much angry all the time. Well, really, there was no pretty much about it he was grumply ALL the time. He was the grumpy dude that lived under the bridge and annoyed the fine folks that tried to cross the bridge with riddles and rhymes that make no sense to anyone. You know the guy we are talking about! UGH WHAT A DORK!

One day Polly was crossing the bridge. Polly, is the Monster so full of love that her loves shows through her monster skin. Yep the nicest monster you could ever meet.

As soon as Mr. Grumpy heard her foot steps he jumped up and surprised her with some goofy riddle. Of course Polly being not only full of love but also chock full of crazy monster knowledge laughed answered his question thanked him for the entertainment and went on with her day.

The next day after solving his riddle she stayed around and talked with Mr. Grumpy for awhile. This confused Mr. Grumpy a little bit but it made him feel strange inside. He wasn't the smartest monster in the tool shed ya know.

Polly started going by the bridge everyday, she started to love this crazy grumpy kind of ugly dude. The even crazier thing is Mr. Grumpy started to love her as well, no one else ever took the time to talk to him and NO ONE ever got his riddles.

Eventually Mr. Grumpy built up the courage to ask Polly out on a date.

Polly was really excited to go out with Mr. Grumpy. They went to her favorite hot dog know monsters LOVE hot dogs. You might think monsters loving hotdogs is crazy but we tell you it is true. Totally true.

Well it went on like that for a year, then two years, then three years etc...Then guess what? 

Yup you got it they got married!

Side note: Did you know at a monster weeding they throw franks and beans and not bird seed? So if you are ever invited to a monster wedding you might want to dress appropriately.

The best part of the story is that since Polly has shared her love with Mr. Grumpy he is now only Mr. Grumpy by name. Before he had no love inside but now he is so full of love that it shows through HIS monstery skin. Mind you he still does not have as much love as Polly but he is working on it, if he could just give up those dumb riddles he might have more room for as much love as Polly.

But hey it is those dumbs riddles that Polly first liked about him, so maybe it is best he saves those??

The End

Mr. Grumpy and the Amazing Miss Polly

Posted on April 30, 2012 and filed under Monsters.