A Sew for Oklahoma

We are planning our next "Monster Sew" and we are gonna need your help!


On June 29 & 30 we are planning to sew up a bunch-o-monsters for the Untied Way of Oklahoma City and by "a bunch-o-monsters" we mean 200-300... yup that's a lot of monsters but with your help we can do it. 

What can you do to help, you ask?

Well the first thing you can do is join us Saturday June 29th and/or Sunday June 30th at the Firefly Summer Market at the 29th Street Mall in Boulder. We will need stuffers, pinners, eye put-er on-ers and sewers of course. We will have a job for everyone!

It is definitely not required but if you would like to RSVP so we know you are coming that would help us out tremendously.

Whats that you say? You are not going to be in town/you don't live anywhere near Boulder but would like to help.

SUPPLIES!! We need supplies, stuffing fabric, eyes...you know all of the things it takes to make a monster. Typically there is a monster sold before we send off a monster but in this case we are sending off 200-300 monsters without selling that many. So any help with supplies will be greatly appreciated. Click here to see a list of all the supplies we are going to need and a link to help out.

OF COURSE, you can always help out by buying a monster and providing a monster friend that will go to Oklahoma, you know, the more traditional A Monster to Love thing to do.

We will be posting other ways you can help out soon so make sure to come back soon. 


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We here at monster HQ are really excited to present our newest monster...BUB!

He is part of what we call our "DUO" series. A series of limited edition monsters designed by some crazy fun artists and put together right here by the crazy good lookin' folks at Monster HQ! :)

Bub, was designed by our friend 84Pages (aka Page Sanderson). There will be 20 monsters made each will be signed and numbered by Page.

You can currently pre-order your Bub by clicking here. You can pick up your pre-ordered  Bub at the opening for Page's upcoming show at Luscious Nectar in Fort Collins, June 7th, from 6-9pm. If you cannot make it to the opening not to worry we will start shipping orders the week of June 10th. If you have any questions about pre-orders, shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Monsters Take Over Seattle!

OK, Well maybe not a complete take over, but Monsters will be visiting Seattle!

We are really excited to announce that we have been included in the Plush You show that is held each year at Schmancy Toys in Seattle. 1932 2nd Ave, Seattle to be exact. The show opens in October 11th and the opening runs from 5-9:00pm. Yep you read that right OCTOBER, so that gives you plenty of time to plan your trip! 

Schmancy Toys 1932 2nd Ave., Seattle WA 98101 - 206.925.3986 Store Hours Tues - Sat. 11-6

Schmancy Toys 1932 2nd Ave., Seattle WA 98101 - 206.925.3986 Store Hours Tues - Sat. 11-6


Until October and for more information make sure to visit the Schmancy Toys website!

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The Stripes Paper Monster

We have a new series of monsters "The Stripes" so for all you paper monster likers we have made a stripes paper version. So we will not keep you with a lengthy blog post we will just show you a photo and give you this AWESOME LINK to download the PDF file. Start cuttin', glueing and sharing! Make sure you make two and share it with all your friends you love and maybe make a new one by giving one to someone you don't know!!

Ben, Sam and Ray

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A little Re-Cap

AHHH...we cannot believe it is already March?? Where did February go? It seems to have ended a couple days early.

As short as it was it has been a great month here at Monster HQ. We opened on new online shop, learned to make tutus (who knew monsters liked tutus?) and MOST IMPORTANT we were able to spread a little bit-o-awesome to Realities for Children and to our friend Caroline who was in the hospital.

We also started planning our big Monster Makers event that will be in May, it is going to be great but we will post more about that very soon, so stay tuned and know that we could not do any of this without y'all awesome monster likers!

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT and here is to an incredible March!
Ben, Sam and Ray

OH YEAH! We also created a big huge 10lbs blob called booger and that got a little out of hand!

Caroline with her new monster friend!